The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, had some interesting messages for the company in recent statements.

Mickey Mouse's boss was at the New York Times' DealBook Summit, according to World of Reel, who obtained the information via Alex Sherman's X feed.

Bob Iger on changes at Disney and what he'll focus on now

According to Iger, Disney lost sight of what their jobs should be, and it became worse when he initially left the company before returning.

“Entertain first, not messages,” the CEO said.

Iger thinks “positive messages for the world” are great but shouldn't be forced.

Additionally, he stated that Disney has made too many sequels. From here on out, sequels will be made only if the story is quality enough and can be a standalone movie.

Plus, the CEO noted how much the bar is raised to make quality movies and get people to the theaters since streaming is so easy now.

Beyond Disney, he touched on Hulu and whether he should buy the rest of the company or sell 66% of it back to Comcast. Of course, he decided to buy it. As for other assets, he says they are not for sale, but “we're constantly evaluating” their fit for the Disney brand.

As for leaving X, Igor didn't comment on whether the company leaving the social platform was permanent. They left after Musk's recent controversial comments.

It'll be interesting to see how Disney adjusts and changes with Bob Iger's new path forward. He has an interesting, new, and possibly unfavorable perspective in some areas, but ultimately, he's the boss.