Pokemon Breeders, rejoice! The next and upcoming Pokemon Tera Raid Battle will be featuring Ditto! For those that don't know, we have written a full article to guide you on how to breed Pokemon perfect for those that are aiming to be the best like no one ever was. The fourteenth Pokemon Tera Raid Battle will be running alongside the Samurott Tera Raid Battle on April 7 to April 9, 2023.

Ditto Comes With Perfect IVs in Pokemon Tera Raid Battle

Yes, you read that correctly. This particular Ditto is going to come with FIVE GUARANTEED MAX IVs. This makes this Ditto a great tool for Pokemon Breeders in the latest Pokemon game, Scarlet and Violet, especially for those that are planning to create their teams and partake in the Ranked Battles online.

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Quick tip for those that will be joining the event, you can bring even a level 1 Pokemon since Ditto will be transforming into a Pokemon that it will be facing up against. This makes low-level Magikarps a perfect Pokemon to use, just make sure that it has damage attacks to knockout the Ditto in the Boss Raid immediately.

In case you have forgotten, Individual Values Stats (commonly known as IV Stats) can also be passed down from parent Pokemon to child Pokemon since the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games. The baby Pokemon will inherit three stats from either parent. For example, if you were breeding a male Infernape and a female Ninetails, the offspring Vulpix could inherit the HP and Defense IVs from Infernape, and the Speed IV from Ninetails. IVs that are passed down will be random so it is not always guaranteed which one will be passed down to the offspring.

In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the mechanic of passing down a specific IV was introduced by letting the parent Pokemon hold a certain item. EV-training Power Items will indicate what specific IVs will be passed down from the parent regardless of who holds them. That makes passing down specific IVs to the child Pokemon easier and the two other IVs will be randomly inherited from the parents. The Power items are as follows:

  • Power Weight for HP
  • Power Bracer for Attack
  • Power Belt for Defense
  • Power Lens for Special Attack
  • Power Band for Special Defense
  • Power Anklet for Speed

From Pokemon X/Y onwards, a parent holding the Destiny Knot will make the child Pokemon inherit all five IVs from the parent. If the other parent is holding a specific power item, it will inherit that IV and the rest from the parent holding the Destiny Knot.

If you're not really into the whole breeding system, you could still join the Pokemon Tera Raid Battle and make the most of it as you can only capture one per save game file. Completing the Pokemon Tera Raid Battle will also yield you different materials that you can use in the game to power up your different Pokemon, important resources that you can use for changing your Pokemon's Tera type, or perhaps even just take all the loot for keeps or share it with your friends as you help them finish the Pokemon Tera Raid Battle.

Make sure that you take part in this upcoming Pokemon Tera Raid Battle and breed the perfect Pokemon Team for your upcoming battles. Of course, make sure to check in here on ClutchPoints Gaming to find out the latest updates, news, and events on anything and everything Pokemon like this newest and latest Pokemon Tera Raid Battle!

Best of luck, Trainers!