The Los Angeles Dodgers essentially have an All-Star team after having one of the most successful offseasons in MLB history. As a result, the lineup is looking incredibly strong. When asked about his spot in the lineup, Freddie Freeman admitted he's not worried one bit.

It looks like Freeman will be batting second or third once the regular season begins. The star first baseman claims he's unbothered by where he's batting in the lineup, as numerous guys on the team could bat first, second, or third, according to LA-based sports reporter, Matthew Moreno.

“Freddie Freeman on batting 2nd or 3rd in Dodgers lineup: ‘I've hit both, so it doesn't really bother me where I hit. … I think collectively, we have nine guys that could hit 1, 2 or 3 on our team. I think we're kind of set on something right now, so we'll see how it goes.'”

The Dodgers are going to go crazy this season. There's a slight chance it all backfires and they crumble. But Los Angeles truly looks unbeatable on paper. It's no wonder Freddie Freeman doesn't care about the batting order. This lineup is so stacked, opposing pitchers are going to have trouble with the Dodgers all season long. Especially with Shohei Ohtani now on the team.

With that said, look for the Dodgers to get red hot through spring training. The coaching staff may mess around with the lineup to figure out the best order possible before Opening Day. But regardless, Los Angeles is going to be dangerous this upcoming season.