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Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer leave extended 7 days amid sexual assault allegations

Dodgers, MLB, Trevor Bauer

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been in the thick of controversy as pitcher Trevor Bauer continues to go through investigation after his sexual assault allegations. The MLB previously stepped in and placed Bauer on 7-day administrative leave. On Thursday, the league extended the leave for another 7-day period as they continue to investigate the situation.

This shouldn’t be a surprise entirely. The MLB does not want any more distractions and can’t take any chances with Bauer until the investigation is complete. Earlier in the week, a few Dodgers teammates unfollowed Bauer on social media and the MLB and Dodgers pulled his merchandise from the team store.

The situation around Bauer is not a good one and there is a very real possibility he doesn’t return to the Dodgers this season at all, although nothing is close to being determined. According to Jeff Passon of ESPN, the league is discussing an indefinite extension until things are ironed out.

For now, it’s seven days, and the Dodgers pitching issues continue to get hit hard just a day after placing Clayton Kershaw on the IL as well.

The situation regarding Bauer remains fluid so stay tuned for more updates on his situation and when–if at all– he returns to the Dodgers this season.