Does Pixar's Inside Out 2 have a post-credits scene? Not all movies require audiences to stay for the credits. Where does this Pixar movie land?

Warning: Spoilers for Inside Out 2 ahead

Do you have to stay for the credits?

In short, yes, it is worth staying for the Inside Out 2 credits. When the credits initially roll, Riley (Kensington Tallman) is seen back at home. Her mom (Diane Lane) asks how the camp was. Riley initially panics, debating if she should tell her mother about the bad things that happened.

Inside their minds, we are shown the emotions of Riley and her mom. It's similar to what happens in the credits of the first movie. In a similar sequence, the emotions of various different people are seen.

Unlike its predecessor, Inside Out 2 does have a post-credits scene. No spoilers here, but it doesn't necessarily set up a sequel as Lightyear's post-credits scene attempted to. However, it does call back to a comedic bit from earlier in the movie.

What is it about?

Picking up a couple of years after Inside Out, the sequel resumes with Riley reaching her teenage years. She has finally hit puberty just ahead of her going to high school.

Before then, Riley has to figure out where she is playing hockey. After learning that her best friends won't be going to the same high school, Riley has an outburst.

At a summer hockey camp, Riley decides to try and impress the varsity team. She is torn between her new friends and leaving her old ones in the dust.

Internally, Joy (Amy Poehler) and Co. have everything down to a science. Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Tony Hale), and Disgust (Liza Lapira) are also back.

But once Riley hits puberty, new emotions arrive. Anxiety (Maya Hawke) leads the way. Envy (Ayo Edibiri), Embarrassment (Paul Walter Hauser), and Ennui (Adèle Exarchopoulos) join Anxiety.

After Anxiety takes over, she banishes the OG emotions. They go on a mission to the back of Riley's mind to retrieve her original sense of self. Anxiety has begun compromising Riley's beliefs in an effort to try and fit in with the varsity team.

Pixar's recent skid

Pixar needs Inside Out 2 to be a big hit. Recently, they have been on a skid. Luckily, the sequel is tracking for a domestic box office opening between $80 and $90 million. That's the highest domestic opening in years if that comes to fruition.

Some of Pixar's latest movies have flopped. Lightyear in 2022 is a Toy Story spin-off and only made $226 million worldwide. The following year, Elemental had a rough road to success.

After Elemental premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival to harsh reviews, it opened to a disappointing haul. The Pixar movie opened to just $29.6 million. Over time, the movie caught on and legged out to nearly $500 million worldwide.

While a nice recovery, that was still a far cry from the success of other Pixar movies. Toy Story 4 was the last bonafide hit from the studio. In 2019, the movie made over $1 billion worldwide and is one of four movies from the studio to do so.

Inside Out 2 is in theaters.