Throughout the early offseason, there have been murmurs of the Miami Dolphins trading away wide receiver Jaylen Waddle. Before the noise even got loud, Chris Grier shut down any and all Waddle trade rumors.

The receiver is under contract through the 2026 season. But Grier – who chuckled at the idea of trading Waddle – is looking to ensure his playmaker doesn't leave town any time soon, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN.

“No thoughts of trading Jaylen Waddle,” Grier said. “He'll be around here for a long time.”

Miami is planning on signing Tua Tagovailoa to a contract extension. With the money doled out to him, some have speculated the Dolphins could in turn trade Waddle. But Grier doesn't believe in a one or the other strategy. With Miami's offense finding its stride, the GM doesn't want to break the unit up.

While Tyreek Hill might get the headlines, Waddle has become a crucial part of the Dolphins' passing attack. Since entering the NFL in 2021, Waddle has caught 251 passes for 3,385 yards and 18 touchdowns. He has at least 70 receptions, 1,000 yards and four touchdowns in all three of his professional seasons.

Teams across the league would be salivating if Jaylen Waddle truly became available via trade. However, Chris Grier made sure to stop those rumors in their tracks. Miami will have a tricky contract situation in the future, especially after Tagovailoa's deal. But it's something that Grier is willing to handle.

Miami needs to make a few adjustments to get over their playoff speed bump. But trading Waddle won't be one of them.