The Miami Dolphins shocked the football world with their 70-point performance against the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Tua Tagovailoa's offseason martial arts training program appears to have paid big dividends as the former Alabama Crimson Tide Star has carved up opposing defenses all season long.

The win has given way to speculation about a possible Jonathan Taylor trade that has running back star Raheem Mostert speaking out. The Dolphins got an encouraging Jaylen Waddle update from Head Coach Mike McDaniel after the game.

For insight on the Dolphins' Week 4 matchup against the Bills, listen below:

The Dolphins' Tagovailoa has over 1,024 yards passing so far on the season to go along with eight touchdowns and two interceptions. He passed for 309 yards and four touchdowns against the Broncos in what almost became the highest scoring individual team game of all-time.

On Sunday, former NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Kurt Warner shared his thoughts on Tagovailoa that caught the attention of fans.

Twenty-four years after Warner's “Greatest Show on Turf” lit up the NFL, he spoke about possible comparisons to the 2024 Dolphins.

“I think it’s just a different style,” Warner said. “We were so much more push-the-ball-down-the-field, chunk plays, that was kind of how our offense was built. But we were very much based on timing, and rhythm.”

Warner said his Rams teams were creative offensively, similar to 2024's high-scoring Dolphins.

“We obviously had tremendous talent, and my skill set matched the skill set of my skill guys. We were very creative with how we did things offensively. Even though the nature of how we throw the football is a little different, I think those similarities are very much there.”

Warner also gave McDaniel his flowers for constructing a high-octane offense around the former Nick Saban signal caller.

“[Dolphins head coach] Mike McDaniel does a great job of being creative with how he uses his skill players, and getting them set up to play to their strengths,” Warner explained. “Tua, his anticipation, his accuracy, very much similar to mine. And their kind of aggressive nature to throw the football, and even though they throw it in a different way, they’re very explosive just like we were very explosive. They were built on big plays and chunk plays just like we were, it was just we probably threw the ball down the field more than they did.”