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Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill working at ‘ludicrous speed’ at training camp

The Miami Dolphins are trying to figure out ways to gain an advantage on the rest of the NFL, and they think they may have found it.

They have been working all offseason on running their offense at different speeds in hopes that they can throw off some of their opponents. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill thinks that it will really help the team and throw the defense off.

“I think we have a few different tempos we can play at,” Tannehill said via the Miami Herald. “We can go in the huddle. We can play on the ball at a normal speed. Or we can go at what we call ‘ludicrous speed,’ where we really press the tempo. I think that’s really going to help us more than it has in the past. Change those tempos up.”

Tannehill has shown he has the talent to lead an NFL team and this should only make the offense of the Dolphins that much better.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase has liked what he has seen this offseason from his quarterback, and he feels like mentally he has taken a huge step forward.

“There’s just a better feel. With Ryan, this is his third year in the offense,” Gase said. “He’s at mentally, a different level. He’s able to really help so many guys out. I think just a couple of the moving pieces we’ve had, those guys have done a good job picking it up

The Dolphins added Danny Amendola this offseason as another weapon for Tannehill to throw and to give this offense another playmaker. With the different tempos, it should give an advantage to everyone on the field.