Tua Tagovailoa was looking different against the Dallas Cowboys secondary. Maybe it was Mike McDaniel's schematics or the Miami Dolphins' weapons stepping. Regardless, he came off blazing and got Jason Sanders in scoring distance every time. This win over Dak Prescott may be a team effort but Terron Armstead posits that the quarterback has been playing differently, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post.

“Tua is laser-focused. He’s hungry. He’s an MVP-caliber player. We go as Tua goes,” Terron Armstead said after the Dolphins got the 22 to 20 win over the Cowboys.

His point could hold a lot of water. Tua Tagovailoa is leading a Dolphins offense that now has 11 wins. More than this, he outgunned Dak Prescott by scorching him with 293 passing yards through 24 completions on just 37 attempts. Tagovailoa was also dancing around the Cowboys' secondary like they were just hurdles for him before seeing the end zone.

All of this came from the trust of Mike McDaniel. If they chose to pass the ball all the way to the end zone, they would have buried the Cowboys. Their opponents would have been scorched if not for the decision to have Jason Sanders kick and keep the game tight-knit. Tyreek Hill, Durham Smythe, and Jaylen Waddle were all great for the Dolphins but that was because an offensive engine was running well.

Tagovailoa has the trust of this whole Dolphins system. Hopefully, he can continue this rampage and carry them into a lot of postseason success for years to come.