Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill made some bold claims earlier this NFL offseason that he would surpass 2,000 receiving yards this season, and he is certainly not taking that back. However, as he doubles down on his guarantee, he adds a caveat this time, reports ProFootballTalk's Josh Alper.

“The quarterback play that we have is amazing, as you can see Tua [Tagovailoa] has been delivering, I feel like, all training camp, and the way that our head coach and our OC design plays for us is ridiculous. My job is really easy; I just got to stay healthy, I just got to keep my attention to detail and just know where to be at on the field at all times for my quarterback. Then I'll be able to make those plays to get where I want to be at, which is 2K.”

Tyreek hill emphasizes that the situation is set up for him to reach 2,000 yards for the Dolphins, but that he is not taking his own responsibilities for granted. He stresses that staying healthy and being diligent with the details on every single play is the only way he can go where no receiver in NFL history has ever gone.

Hill is also right that he will need Tua Tagovailoa out there throwing him the ball. If Tua can't stay healthy like he wasn't able to last year, Hill can probably kiss any dreams of 2,000 yards goodbye. For now, Hill can hold onto his lofty goals as everything lines into place at Dolphins training camp.