Donald Trump is certainly milking his new mug shot photos with these “Never Surrender” T-shirts.

Following former president Trump's arrest last week on election racketeering charges, he has come back with a video on Truth Social captioned: “Is there anyone on the Planet that doesn’t know what I look like? And yet, for some reason, the Communist Democrats in Atlanta made a Mug Shot of me!”

The video shows the former president talking about his mug shot, which has been the talk of the town in the political world. The mug shot was taken in Fulton County Jail.

Trump claims in the video that the efforts to make him look like a criminal “totally backfired” due to the fundraising after his arrest.

“They make me look like a criminal, but it completely and totally backfired, as you probably read. Since my mugshot was released, our campaign has raised over $10 million. The people get it. The people know this is a sham and a scam. This is nothing but election interference.”

“On November 5, 2024, it’s going to backfire again when we win back the White House and make America great again. I just want to thank you for your tremendous support,” Trump said, before holding up the shirt. “And here it is, if you want to go out and get it, you can go out and get it. Have fun with it. But people do like it, I must say thank you very much.”

Donald Trump will never pass up a chance to sell something, no matter the circumstances. That certainly isn't changing now.