The chance at a second straight NBA title for the Golden State Warriors ends tomorrow night when they play the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the series coming to a 3-3 tie, one of these powerhouse teams will take the glory to their city.

Power forward Draymond Green certainly has a lot on his mind going into this historic game. After admitting he could have ended this series early on, Green now feels like this is a make or break situation.

“It’s tough because The you never know what can happen [in Game 7]. But we put ourselves in this position. We got to dig ourselves out,” said Green. “It’s not tough. We got a Game 7 at home. We’re damn good at home. We just have to play with the effort we need to play with. We’ll be just fine.”

draymond green, lebron james
Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports

The odds are certainly in the Warriors favor in Oracle Arena. The Warriors boast a 39-2 regular season record in this facility. Additionally, the team has not lost three straight games back-to-back under Steve Kerr‘s administration.

“It’s Game 7 for all the marbles. I’m looking forward to it … We got to impose our will from the jump on the defensive end,” continued Green. “It’s no pressure. Pressure is pressure. It’s going to be there, but it is what it is. We’ve been playing all season under pressure. It’s nothing new now.”

With one more game of the season, all Green and the rest of the Warriors can do is play their hearts out and hopefully win their last game in front of their passionate crowd.

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