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Draymond Green introduces Kevin Durant to San Francisco

It looks like being teammates for the U.S. Olympics team has developed Kevin Durant and Draymond Green’s relationship to a level where Green names himself Durant’s hype man.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “Green played hype man for Durant during a Nike event Monday night that drew a swarm of fans to Pier 48 and acted as Durant’s introduction to San Francisco since choosing this month to leave Oklahoma City for the Bay Area”

As if Durant needed an introduction, Green went on to tell the crowd, “‘I’ve already had a couple of assists off him, and that’s always good,’ Green said about the U.S. Olympic team’s first two exhibitions, the first games Green and Durant have played as teammates. ‘Hopefully, he can keep knocking down open shots.’”

Durant went on to speak to the crowd referring to the Warriors organization as “authentic” and acknowledge the energy Warriors’ fans gave off when his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, played Game 7 in Oracle Arena for the 2016 Western Conference Finals. He expressed his excitement with playing in San Francisco saying “I’m looking forward to playing in front of you guys and doing something special.”

Before leaving the event, both Green and Durant allowed for some selfies and Durant signed some shoes. Speaking highly of the team and making the fans happy? It doesn’t look like Green will have a job as his hype man for much longer.

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