Draymond Green doesn't like how remarks about Cavs' competition was overblown
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Draymond Green doesn’t like how remarks about Cavs’ competition was overblown

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One of the most loquacious players in the entire league, Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green simply loves to talk. On and off the court, Green is constantly talking, which is why most of his poignant comments often turn into news. Green, however, doesn’t like this.

Commenting on how headline-based news stories are these days, Green had unsurprisingly plenty to say about how his recent comments about the Cleveland Cavaliers became a story.

From ESPN’s Chris Haynes:

“I didn’t say I was disappointed with their competition,” Green said. “First off, people always want to take a piece of a statement and then say, ‘Ah man, Draymond said the Cavs aren’t playing anybody.’ They never say, ‘Draymond said Cleveland is playing great basketball.’

“So everybody is always chasing a headline, the controversy. Watching ESPN is like watching a controversial reality TV show. It’s pretty pathetic that that’s what the headline everybody wants.”

Green’s complaint is valid. But unfortunately, that’s just the present day nature of the media business. Something which, since he has his own podcast, Green should be quite familiar with already.

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