Dune: Part Two is in theaters, meaning fandom for the franchise is out in the wild.

Nothing is surprising anymore. However, seeing a fan wearing a Fremen suit and riding a sandworm to the theater to watch the film gave us a double-take.

The viral video on social media shows the theatergoer crusing around the lobby area and in front of the concession stand. A line of people is waiting for a snack, and the sandworm slithers its way past them all.

Who can blame this person? After all, there's a lot of excitement over the new film. It jolted the box office back to some good numbers and fans are loving it with a 95% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dune: Part Two earnings

Globally, the film has brought in $178.5 million, according to CNN. Domestically, it's brought in an impressive $81.5 million and remains the number one spot.

Jeff Goldstein, president of domestic distribution at Warner Bros. Pictures, said, “This is just what the box office needed and much higher than any of us could predict.”

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Dune: Part Two movie poster and Imax logo.

Nathanael Fakes ·

The first Dune opened with $41 million domestically in October 2021, so obviously, the franchise's newest installment is beating it out.

Goldstein added, “We created a cultural moment, and it started with this extraordinary movie that Denis Villeneuve told in a really compelling way, and a cast has worked their butt off around the world for this movie.”

With fandom like riding around in a sandworm, make Dune the next biggest cosplay movie franchise next to Star Wars? Time will tell. Meanwhile, it's worth going to the theaters to watch the film, and, who knows, you might catch the next viral video.