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Durant to Warriors goes back to 2010 World Championships

The recruitment of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors started long before free agency began on July 1st.

In fact, the process started many years ago, way back to 2010 when KD built relationships with Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala as a member of Team USA, and those bonds have remained to date.

In 2013, Iguodala signed with the Warriors and spoke about his time in Turkey in his news conference. Iggy said expressly:

Steph and I played together in 2010 in Turkey, and after practice we would come back to the gym at night when we were overseas and just [get] some shots up. I believe it was Kevin Durant [who] was with us, a lot of the time. So it was us three, maybe one or two other guys, but us three were always together. Kinda got a chance to see him work. Knew how in love he was with the game, so we built a pretty good relationship. We had chapels together before every game so we definitely got to know each other.

Us three were always together.

This wasn’t necessarily their pitch to get Durant, but he saw what it was like personally to work with them. Little did they know at the time, building that relationship with Durant all those years ago paid off big-time this week.

A few years of battles, a championship between them, and a contrast of playing styles all added up to one last pitch as Durant mulled his new destination in free agency.

The Warriors reminded him of their time together, as well as the possibility of building a dynasty for the ages.

It was all Durant needed to hear. The relationship was there, the core roster was there, and everything Durant needed to hear was said with one voice. Later, Curry texted Durant that he would be one of his biggest supporters, and although they are with rival shoe companies, they have a brotherhood first, and chemistry would be the focus.

The pitch was good, but the relationship formed was better. When Durant’s decision was announced, Dwyane Wade called the choice a power move, and tweeted the very thing that mattered to Durant the most:

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