It seems EA Sports has been satisfied with the launch and success of Madden 24. While the game received mixed reviews from critics, the game did well enough for the publisher to walk away happy. However, EA Sports also open to possibly making changes in key areas of the game's development. What does this mean? Let's find out:

EA Sports Happy With Madden 24, Considering Changes To Improve The Series

According to Mike Straw from Insider Gaming, multiple sources from EA Sports indicated their satisfaction with the state of the game. While the game didn't receive the best reviews, they were glad to hear modes like Superstar got positive reception. Moving forward, they indicated they'd like to focus more on that mode and make it bigger.

One of the sources he spoke to said “What players got this year with Superstar is just the beginning of what’s planned.” They continued that “EA has years of plans outlined and in active development to grow the mode.

There's tons of speculation on what this could be already. Hopefully it would mean more content overall. In reality, Superstar right now is just Face Of The Franchise but with some improvements. It would be nice to see more effort put into presentation, off-field activities, and gameplay experience.

But EA Sports does apparently recognize the mistakes made with Madden 24. According to one source, “The team sees the effort that was put in for this year, but there are still a number of small mistakes that should’ve been addressed that seemingly weren’t. “It’s oversights like that that make some think it might be time for a change or two.”

As of right now, we know nothing these changes. However, according one source claimed “everything is on the table right now”. ClutchPoints has written a list of features we'd like to see return in future installments.

Madden 24 was supposedly a make-or-break game for EA Sports management. While the game seemed to do commercially well, it didn't receive the reviews from fans and critic it was hoping for. In our review of the game, we gave it a 5.5/10, citing multiple issues and a lack of innovation.

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Sadly, EA Sports made similar promises before, but never kept them. Back in 2022, sports gaming tycoon promised Madden 23 wouldn't be a “bug-filled mess”. However, almost every Madden game for years now has severe bugs that hamper the experience for many. So while we want to believe EA Sports, we have yet to see their promises come into fruition.

Should EA Sports decide to make some changes, we hope to see what they really can achieve. In the meantime, we just have to wait.

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