Crazy how fast time flies, huh. A few years ago, Dallas Goedert was being billed as the heir apparent to Philadelphia Eagles legend Zach Ertz. Now, Goedert is one of the veterans on the squad. With age comes uncertainty, though. Goedert is 29, and his contract is going to expire at the end of the 2024 season. There's a distinct possibility that the TE might be let go by the team.

Goedert isn't sweating it too much, though. In a recent interview, the Eagles tight end was asked about how he feels coming into what could be his final season in Philly. Goedert said that he's not thinking about that too much, and is instead focusing on helping his team get back to the Super Bowl, per the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I feel really good,” Goedert said when asked if he felt like he was entering a prove-it or contract year of sorts. “I’m not too worried about it. I love being in Philadelphia. I’m going to give them everything I’ve got and let the chips fall where they may fall.”

Much has obviously been made about the Eagles' stacked wide receiver room. AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith are one of the best WR duos in the entire league. The newly-acquired Saquon Barkley also provides Philly with more firepower. That being said, Goedert is just as important to the offense. Last season, he was third on the team in receiving yards.

The tight end position is a little undervalued at times these days. Even the best tight ends have extremely low salaries compared to the other pass-catchers. Teams are also more willing to let an average tight end go in the name of cutting costs. Will this happen with Goedert? Who knows.

Eagles' brand new offense

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert (88) makes a catch against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the second half of a 2024 NFC wild card game at Raymond James Stadium.
Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

Goedert and the Eagles have bigger fish to fry than this contract discussion. After the disaster that was their 2023 season, Philly is bringing in a new offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore. A new OC means a brand-new system in learn in the offseason. Goedert talked about the learning curve with Moore as well.

“He’s been doing a great job of just making the (Eagles) offense make sense and we kind of changed up the reads and different things like that throughout,” Goedert said. “I feel like it’ll play in favor of the tight end, the quick game a little bit, getting back to the pivots, the sticks that I caught earlier in my career that went away a little bit… I’m really excited for how he uses the tight end and how he feels like they can be a big part of the offense and help win games.”

The Eagles offense was in 2023 was… miserable, for lack of a better word. Their offense became way too predictable. “Run-run-pass” is a meme, but Philadelphia took that meme and ran with it all season long. The hope is that Moore's offensive prowess will make their offensive engine run as smooth as butter again.

After making it all the way to the Super Bowl, the Eagles were embarrassingly bounced in the Wild Card round last season. Philly is hoping to bounce back in 2024. Will they be able to do so?