Eagles video: DeSean Jackson hands out free food to homeless in Philadelphia
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Video: Eagles’ DeSean Jackson hands out free food to homeless in Philadelphia

DeSean Jackson, Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson spent his Saturday night doing something very special for the community.

Jackson made his return to the Eagles this offseason after playing for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins, and he’s already making the most of his second go-around.

He decided to show incredible compassion and generosity for Philly by going around and handing out free food to homeless people around the northern part of the city.

And it was clear that he was enjoying the opportunity to be able to give back to those less fortunate.

Everyone knows about the on-field skills of professional athletes, but it’s kind acts like this that really shows you what players are all about.

As Jackson said himself, it’s all a part of the maturation process, and he’s certainly expressing the biggest things he’s learned during his NFL journey in a really awesome way.

Of course, the Eagles are also getting a productive wide receiver to add the mix, and that’s something that Carson Wentz will enjoy as he makes his return under center.

If Jackson continues to make an impact for Philly both on and off the field, it should undoubtedly make Eagles fans very happy moving forward.