The Philadelphia Eagles had one of the most shocking selections of the 2020 NFL Draft. In the second round (53rd overall), Philadelphia drafted quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Now, for a lot of teams, this would probably be considered a really solid pick. Hurts is an exciting prospect who could turn into one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL with some coaching up.

However, for the Eagles, this one was pretty confusing. Not only do they have Carson Wentz, a superstar quarterback in his prime, but they also just signed him to a massive long-term deal.

So this one absolutely left fans baffled. Yes, Wentz has had some injury problems in the past. But taking a rookie in the second round seemed like an overreaction.

That being said, there are some positives to this too. Philadelphia now has a cheap backup for the next few years. Not only that but a backup that could learn and grow into a superstar in a short amount of time. That gives the Eagles some options when they run into contract issues at the position.

For now, though, Hurts is not even locked in as the backup. He could still be the third-string quarterback. And according to Reuben Frank of, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson opened up about just that.

“Jalen is just learning and picking up our system, and he’s another one, another young player that we drafted who, there’s a lot to learn,” Pederson said. “So are we going to take it a little bit slower maybe with him until he grasps the offense? You might have to. What I like about it is always the unknown, and the unknown is how well a guy I think can progress. And then once we get him on the grass, put him through drills, put him through practices, then we see exactly what these guys are all about. Right now, Jalen is doing an outstanding job of picking up the offense, spitting it back to [quarterbacks coach] Press [Taylor], and understanding what we are trying to get done.”

Philadelphia also has Nate Sudfeld at the position. He was the backup last year and has the experience advantage. Due to that, it might make more sense put him ahead of Hurts.

Then if anything happens to Wentz, they are not throwing Hurts into the fire without being 100% sure he is ready.

With that in mind, the Eagles will definitely want to make sure that the rookie is ready for the NFL. There is no need to rush the quarterback with the situation he was put into. So take advantage of that and let him grow.

At least, it sounds like that is how Pederson and the rest of Philadelphia's staff feel.