Eagles news: Doug Pederson says Patriots seem to keep getting better
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Eagles’ Doug Pederson says Patriots seem to keep getting better

Doug Pederson

The Philadelphia Eagles face a rejuvenated New England Patriots who have just come off their bye week. Of course, any team would be wary about facing the Patriots at any point of the season. However, these Pats are coming off a bitter loss to the Baltimore Ravens and will be a tough cookie to face for Doug Pederson’s men.

In fact, the head coach of the Super Bowl LII-winning team gave the Pats a lot of respect ahead of their Sunday game at the Lincoln Financial Field. He says that Bill Belichick’s team continues to find ways to improve in spite of already being very difficult to beat during the regular season.

Per NFL.com’s Grant Gordon:

“It’s one of these things where you keep watching them and it seems like they keep getting better,” Pederson said Friday via team transcript. “It’s a good football team.”

The Patriots are once again having a stellar season. They’re an AFC-best 8-1, while their defense has been quite impressive. Pederson’s not taking anything for granted, and he’s continued to pour time over film of the Patriots’ play this season in an attempt to find their weaknesses.

“The thing is as coaches, I think we spend so much time watching tape and diving into the X’s and O’s, that sometimes you can start second-guessing yourself as a play-caller on certain things, decisions you’re going to make in this football game,” Pederson said. “You just take it with a grain of salt really and just continue to pour over the tape. Maybe there is one last thing you might see or find that you can help your team on gameday.”

It’s going to be an entertaining game if the Eagles manage to do what Pederson cooks up against the defending champs.