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Eagles RB Jay Ajayi says it ‘doesn’t make sense’ that team didn’t run more vs. Vikings

jay ajayi

When teams start to lose game’s it can cause issues in the locker room and there seem to be some grumblings of that with the Philadelphia Eagles and Jay Ajayi. After the Eagles loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Ajayi questioned why the team isn’t running the ball more.

Through five games the Eagles are throwing the ball on 63.98 percent of the offensive plays so far this year, and that isn’t sitting well with Ajayi.

“Obviously we want to be able to run the ball early and start that rhythm early in the beginning of the game,” Ajayi said via Zach Rosenblatt of NJ Advance Media. “If I remember correctly we had maybe three carries at the end of the first quarter.”

“With the offensive line we have on this team, running the ball like that, that doesn’t make sense to me.”

When the game ended, Eagles running backs had only ran the ball 12 times for 55 yards gained. Ajayi had eight of those carries for 29 yards. Ajayi said that he understands sometimes the gameplan doesn’t call for a lot of running but he also points out that when they run the ball consistently, they usually do with a lot of success.

“I know the game can get away sometimes and that’s how time works and the gameplan and everything,” Ajayi said. “But I think you see what happens when we run the ball. We’re productive. If we can get rolling with that I think we’ll do a good job.”