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Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins says replay officials should ‘stay off the bottle’

After a couple of questionable calls not going the Philadelphia Eagles way on Sunday, safety Malcolm Jenkins suggested the replay officials “stay off the bottle.”

On the opening kickoff, Jenkins laid a hit on Jourdan Lewis that caused a fumble on the play that was recovered by the Eagles. The play on the field was ruled down by contact but after going to replay it was determined the ball was out before he hit the ground.

According to the replay officials, there was no clear recovery though, so the Cowboys kept the ball. But Jenkins disagrees.

 “That was a pretty terrible call,” Jenkins said via ESPN. “They reviewed it and the explanation I got was that it wasn’t a clear recovery, although Kamu had the ball in his hand and there was only Eagles defenders on the ball in replay. So whoever’s watching that in New York should stay off the bottle.”

The video appeared to show only green jersey’s around the ball, but somehow New York still decided that it wasn’t clear enough. If the Eagles would have been award the ball they would have had a short field and who knows how it could have changed the game.

With the overtime loss, the Eagles have dropped to 6-7 and chances of them making the playoffs are slim. According to ESPN’s FPI calculations, they only have a 5.1 percent chance to make the playoffs.

The Eagles’ schedule doesn’t get any easier with the team having to travel out to Los Angeles to take on the Rams.