Nick Sirianni and the Philadelphia Eagles are eager to cement their status as one of the NFL's truly elite teams by winning the Super Bowl. Blowing a 10-point lead to the Kansas City Chiefs has left the team with an emptiness that can only be filled by winning it all.

The expectations are sky-high for Sirianni, who has led the Eagles to the playoffs in each of his first two seasons. He keeps the memory of losing Super Bowl 57 to the Chiefs fresh in his head, even using an image of the confetti at the start of the Eagles' offseason program, according to Zach Berman of The Athletic. Reliving that loss can be tough for him — but also useful.

“To me, it’s very healthy to do that,” Sirianni said of watching the Eagles' Super Bowl loss, via The Athletic. “It’s healthy to — as Frank Reich used to say to me — drag yourself through the mud. … This is the accountability piece of our program. It’s healthy to drag yourself through the mud. To get real dirty, and to like, ‘Oh, I messed that up.’

“But then there’s got to come a time where you get yourself out of the mud and you realize you’re here for a reason and you’re confident in your abilities and to move on,” the Eagles coach continued. “But there is a healthy portion of dragging yourself through the mud because that’s how you get better. ‘What did I screw up? What are the things I didn’t like about what we did?’ … So, of course, I’ve had those with that game. I’ve probably watched that game an obsessive (number) of times.”

The Eagles' incredible collection of talent should allow them to compete with anyone in any given game. But learning from their mistakes will be key in going all the way, the real goal they have this season. Jalen Hurts, despite having a very good game, is one of several players who also have yet to fully get over the loss. Using it as a source of motivation could help Philly remain an elite squad.

Aside from getting the San Francisco 49ers off their tails, the Eagles and Nick Sirianni have their sights set on making a run to the Super Bowl.