Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni was not too happy after his team's disappointing loss to the New York Giants. The Eagles lost this game 13-7 as their offense looked worse than it ever has.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts was only able to put up 129 yards on 14-31 and also added three interceptions.

Sirianni had this to say after the Eagles loss,

“You can’t turn the ball over four times and expect to win.”

What he said is true, but he needs to take some of the blame as well. The Eagles found a bunch of success running the football but instead of running, they continued to throw the ball in the air where they had little to no success throughout the whole game.

Despite Jalen Hurts going 14-31, the Eagles still had a good chance of winning the game. There were a few plays in the last minute of the game where Philadelphia wide receivers missed passes and that resulted in the Eagles losing the game. This is a disappointing loss for the Eagles as they were creeping behind the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. Dallas has not been playing well as of late and the Eagles were hoping that they could get an easy victory against a Giants team that they should have beat.

If Philadelphia wants to find any success in the near future they're going to need to run the ball more. Jalen Hurts is a serviceable quarterback in the NFL, but he can't do it all himself. If the Eagles want to turn it around, Miles Sanders needs to touch the ball much more than he is right now.