Tigers news: Ed Orgeron claims most LSU players already had COVID-19
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Ed Orgeron claims most LSU Tigers players already had COVID-19

Ed Orgeron, LSU Tigers

LSU Tigers head football coach Ed Orgeron has hit superstar status over the last year. With his team’s dominance and his football attitude and absurdly scratchy voice, a lot of people have gravitated towards him.

On Tuesday, though, the national champion Orgeron made some odd comments when talking about COVID-19 and how it has hit his team.

According to Alex Scarborough of ESPN, Orgeron claims that “most” of his team has contracted the virus already.

“Not all of our players, but most of our players have caught it,” Orgeron told reporters. “I think that hopefully they won’t catch it again, and hopefully they’re not out for games.”

There are a few reasons this is so odd. First of all, LSU was not providing regular reports on their cases. So the fact that the head coach just comes out and admits that most of his players have already had coronavirus at some point is a little confusing.

Of course, this has to make you wonder how the season will go. Players who have tested positive do not need to be tested again for 90 days. So there is a chance people are in contact with a number of COVID-19 carriers.

This could lead to some big outbreaks amongst the team or other teams.

At the same time though, if everything is fine we could get a normal season.

However, Orgeron has already admitted that they have had to work around “testing.” And now that has to make you wonder if what he was really saying was that certain players were missing time because they had actually contracted the virus.

This could play a major role in the season. If that many players on one team have dealt with the virus already, it may be something a lot of teams are dealing with.

That could lead to some interesting situations. There are a lot of players on a college football roster, so most teams will likely be fine when it comes to getting enough players on the field.

But it could mean we see a lot of stars and starters missing a game or two as they recover, and others getting a chance to play that normally wouldn’t.

Obviously the big takeaway here though is that Ed Orgeron has admitted LSU has seen a lot of players deal with COVID-19 already. Hopefully they have all made full recoveries and hopefully no one else contracts the virus.