In anticipation of the release of his memoir Pageboy, Elliot Page opened up about his experience as a trans man and Hollywood celebrity. His memoir comes out June 6, the same month of Pride Month. During the interview, he named Kristen Wiig and others as some of his closest friends and allies in Hollywood, per People.

“We all love Catherine Keener. She let me live with her. And Alia [Shawkat] and Kristen Wiig, they encouraged me to go against the forces that were telling me to not be true,” Page said. “[They’re] sincere people who were just selfless and kind and loving.”

Before he came out as trans, Page was a Canadian child star who rose to prominence in his 2007 role in Juno. He also played Kitty Pryde in the X-Men franchise. And halfway through the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, in 2020, Page (and his character) came out as a trans man. Now he's probably the most famous trans man since coming out, and that's left an impact on people.

“When I’m walking down the street, and young people come up to me, it means the world to me,” he said. “Them being themselves, having the courage to say, ‘This is who I am, and I’m gonna live authentically.’”

However, it wasn't always easy for him: “I do feel like I barely made it in many ways.”

For a while, he didn't feel comfortable in his own skin. “It definitely feels a way that I never thought I would get to feel, and that mostly manifests in how present I feel, the ease I feel and the ability to exist. There’s been periods in my life where I really felt like I didn’t. So often it’s a lot more in the quiet moments. I think we talk about “trans joy” and euphoria. So much of it is in the stillness. To have my shoulders back. I just was always kind of shut off, anxious. I used to never feel like my skin was my own.”

Celebrate Pride Month and read Elliot Page's memoir Pageboy on June 6.