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Todd Gurley claims he’s never worked out as much as he has this offseason

Atlanta Falcons, Todd Gurley

Two years ago, Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley was at the top of his game in the NFL. He already played in three Pro Bowls in just his fourth year as a pro and had been named to three All-Pro teams. The then Rams running back had just led the league in rushing touchdowns for two straight seasons and had played in his first Super Bowl.

Fast forward to the present and the former NFL Offensive Player of the Year is grinding way his back to the top. This time with a new team in Atlanta with the Falcons.

In a recent Youtube video posted on Odell Beckham Jr.’s channel, Gurley was a part of a roundtable discussion which included OBJ himself and a former Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. Not to mention another player trying to silence doubters, New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton. The four discussed numerous topics including the ongoing pandemic, Black Lives Matters, and what they’ve been doing to keep busy.

“I’m not even going to lie, I haven’t worked out this much in my life,” Todd Gurley said in the video and adding, “I mean, it literally hasn’t been nothing to do but to work out.”

Knee problems plagued Gurley ever since his 2018 run with Rams and is what eventually landed him in his current situation with the Falcons. His injury issues has had his on-field productivity and longevity been a topic of contention for the past three years.

Although Gurley acknowledged that his injuries may reoccur, as long as he will “put in the work every day” the former top 10 pick believes everything will work out just fine.