Fantasy Football: Is it time to consider benching Rams RB Todd Gurley?
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Fantasy Football: Is it time to consider benching Rams RB Todd Gurley?

We’re officially through three weeks of the NFL season. That means we’re through three weeks of the Fantasy Football season as well.

For anyone that drafted Todd Gurley, you might be a little upset so far.

A lot of people thought the Los Angeles Rams running back would take a step back this year. The reason for that was injury. A knee issue kept Gurley out of action late last season, and it was presumed that it would cause issues this year.

However, that didn’t stop Gurley from being basically a consensus first round pick in fantasy drafts. He’s too good and that offense is too explosive not to take a chance on him.

Through three games, Gurley hasn’t done much though. He has 203 rushing yards and one touchdown, as well as four receptions for eight yards. So with those weak numbers, is it time to consider benching Todd Gurley in your fantasy lineups?

No, no it’s not.

Look, the numbers aren’t good. They aren’t miserable though. Week 1 saw him pick up 97 yards on the ground and have one reception for four yards. In a standard PPR league, that’s 10 points.

Week 2 saw Gurley rush for 63 yards and a touchdown, while reeling in three receptions for four yards. That’s 15 points in a standard PPR league.

Finally, Week 3 was the only truly poor week, seeing Gurley pick up just 43 yards rushing. That’s four points in a standard PPR league.

So one “eh” week, one strong week, and one bad week. Not exactly bench worthy. Is it worrisome? Absolutely, but that’s about it for the moment.

The thing you need to remember is that’s it’s three weeks into a season. A lot can change. Gurley is an established superstar. It’s not like he’s a young talent the team is going to lose faith in.

It also helps that he’s still putting up enough numbers to not be a bad fantasy option. If this was an unknown player that was doing what Gurley is, this would be a completely different discussion. This would be an article labeled “is Todd Gurley worth starting” and we’d be talking about if the unknown guy has done enough to prove he’s a viable fantasy option.

Since he’s a star though, everything is scrutinized. At the same time, that star power is what helps him.

The Rams have one of the best offenses in football. They won’t stop moving the ball and scoring touchdowns. Gurley is their guy, meaning he’s going to be a major part of that going forward.

It’s not time to consider benching Gurley. He’s still doing enough that you shouldn’t have lost faith. Come back to me in Week 7 or so if he’s still struggling. Then maybe we can start talking about this.