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Expensive free agents NBA teams regret signing this summer

During last summer’s free agency, many teams splurged with signings that seemed to be overpaying some players due to the increase in the salary cap.

However, with only more than a quarter of the games played this season, some franchises might already be regretting overspending on players that have not played to the level of their monetary value.

Topping the list is Chandler Parsons who received a max contract from the Memphis Grizzlies. Although he has shown glimpses of his true potential over the past couple of years, the 28-year-old Florida product has spent most of the season in street clothes, sitting on the bench. He has not been able to showcase his skills that made him worthy of the four year, $94,8 million deal he signed in the summer.

The Portland Trail Blazers may also be thinking twice now on what could have been for them if they did not secure the services of Evan Turner, and Festus Ezeli on very lucrative contracts. Turner has underwhelmed so far and is only averaging 9.2 points and 4.0 rebounds after laughing at the huge offer he received for four years, $70 million in the offseason. Ezeli on the other hand has not seen action for the Blazers and is now contemplating getting surgery and will likely miss the entire season. He has a guaranteed deal worth $7.4 million for the year.

One position that was hard to fill in during the offseason was the center slot as teams opted to pay the free agents with huge amounts of money to have a quality big man in their roster. Timofey Mozgov, Boban MarjanovicBismack Boyombo and Miles Plumlee all secured lucrative contracts, landing themselves a four-year, $64 million, three-year, $21 million, four-year, $72 million and four-year $50 million deals, respectively. However, the Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit PistonsOrlando Magic and Milwaukee Bucks are struggling to make them fit in their system and are yet to see the value of their signings to date.

The Knicks are also one team that invested a lot on a veteran center who was considered one of the best in the league just a few seasons ago. When they offered Joakim Noah a four-year, $72 million contract, they were hoping that he could resurrect his career in New York and become the dominating big man he once was. Things have not gone according to plan for New York as he has only scored in double figures twice this season and is only averaging 4.7 points and 7.8 rebounds.

The amount spent on these players total to over $450 million and teams are left to wonder if they made the right decision a few months ago. If there’s any silver lining to these franchises, it’s still early days into the season and some of these players will be with them for the next couple of years. This gives their coaching staff more time to maximize their usage and talent before considering their moves as detrimental to the team.

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