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Genshin Impact Characters Yoimiya, Sayu, Kazuha, & Ayaka Revealed

Genshin Impact Yoimiya, Soyu, Kazuha, Ayaka

MiHoYo, creators of Genshin Impact, one-upped leakers and data miners with their latest game update files.

Upon adding the new characters Yoimiya, Sayu, Kazuha, and Ayaka on the game’s data for the Genshin Impact 1.6 version update, miHoYo revealed the characters officially on Twitter. This happened while data miners were still busy preparing their own releases. It took the leakers by surprise, with one prominent leaker expressing their shock. Still, the leakers got ahead the developers with one leak: that of the Shogun of Inazuma, Baal.

In any case, let’s take a look at the new Genshin Impact characters from Inazuma.

New Genshin Impact Characters from Inazuma

MiHoYo revealed three new characters on Twitter, along with more information about the new 5-Star character, Kazuha. We get our first glimpse of new characters Yoimiya and Sayu, while we finally get the first official feature for Ayaka. Take a look at their short features from Paimon’s reveal.

Sayu – Mujina Ninja – another child character like Qiqi, Diona, and Klee. She’s an Anemo user with the constellation Nyctereutes Minor, a raccoon. According to Zluet, Sayu will be an Anemo Claymore user. Pretty funny for a small child carrying a large sword, a ninja at that!

Ayaka – Frostflake Heron – Ayaka’s been leaked a lot before, and this will be the first time miHoYo is recognizing the character. She’s a Cryo user with the Grus Nivis constellation, a snow heron. According to Zluet, Ayaka will be a Cryo Sword user.

Kazuha – Scarlet Leaves Pursue Wild Waves – The main 5-Star character for the 1.6 Update, Kaedehara Kazuha was first revealed during the 1.6 Special Live Stream Event. He’s an Anemo Sword user, a wandering samurai with a bounty on his head. He travels with Beidou’s troupe across the seas. His constellation is the Acer Palmatum, Japanese Maple Tree.

Yoimiya – Frolicking Flames – Another 5-Star Character, Yoimiya is a Pyro Bow user. She’s a big upgrade from Amber, it looks like. Her constellation is the Carassius Auratus, the goldfish. She’s the owner of the Naganohara Fireworks, which plays an important role in Inazuma’s society.