If you’ve played for quite a bit of time, you should probably know that exploration is not an easy task in Genshin Impact. Climbing, swimming, running out of stamina, gliding over gaps–the list of exploration woes just keeps ongoing. Luckily, there are a lot of characters who can easily circumvent most of these problems. In this Genshin Impact Tier List, we have ranked the best characters for exploration, from best to worst.

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SS Tier

Ayaka – Having Ayaka in your team is definitely a life-changer in the context of exploration. Her alternate sprint allows her to move very swiftly over all kinds of terrain, even above water. What sets her apart from Mona, who also has a similar alternate sprint, is her ability to effortlessly create an ice bridge, without running out of stamina in the process. Because sprinting provides her attacks with Cryo infusion, she can keep attacking over water for a while, extending her ice bridge while regaining stamina lost from sprinting. This makes her the best character for traversing long swaths of the ocean when a boat is not present, like going to the secret island in Mondstadt, for example.

Sayu – Sayu is a one of a kind, and is certainly a welcome addition in the cast of speed freaks after her arrival in Inazuma. Being a 4-star character, she is easily accessible if you pull enough times in any banner. Her Elemental Skill turns her into a rolling ball and makes her move very quickly over most terrain, faster than any character could. Sayu doesn’t lose stamina while rolling, which is amazing, though stamina is also not regained in the process. Apart from this, Sayu can also heal, shred resistances, and also easily break ores, being a claymore character. If you’re thinking about which characters to bring when exploring Teyvat, look no further than Sayu. 

S Tier

Keqing – Keqing’s vertical flexibility is unmatched, and that is why she’s this high up on this list. Her low cooldown Elemental Skill is also a nice ability to spam for horizontal travel, though you might want to practice canceling her post-blink animation for optimal movement. Being able to control the direction where she travels is very useful, especially when trying to reach Oculi and other collectibles perched below ledges and around tall places.

Mona – Like Ayaka, Mona has an alternate sprint that lets her move swiftly over terrain including water, which is a huge upgrade over normal sprinting. While she doesn’t have the ability to create ice bridges, Mona can equip the Lost Prayers to the Sacred Winds weapon, which increases her movement speed by a noticeable 10%, making her quite faster than Ayaka. Mona is also in the original 5-star pool, which makes her more accessible than Ayaka, mostly from a failed 50/50 pity or the standard banner.

A Tier

Kazuha and Venti – These two are ranked side by side in our Genshin Impact Tier List because of the similarity between their movement abilities. They both force vertical flight, which can be combined with Geo constructs to gain huge vertical travel. Kazuha has a slight edge over Venti, due to Kazuha’s ability to use his skill while gliding, which is an amazing boost for reaching farther places. 

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Albedo and Zhongli – Like the previous two, these two are clumped together due to the similarity between their skills. Zhongli creates a Geo pillar which you can climb, while Albedo creates a Geo “elevator” that you can stand on, bringing you to the same height as the pillar. Each one has their own advantage, where you don’t have to climb for Albedo’s construct, while Zhongli’s pillar can work anywhere without restriction.

B Tier

Chongyun and Kaeya – Like Ayaka, these two can reliably create ice bridges, which is useful for traversing towards islands where a boat is inaccessible. Kaeya also has the perk of reducing sprinting stamina consumption by 20%, a bonus quite useful even if you don’t notice it. 

Rosaria – She has a talent that increases movement speed of your allies during night. You might think that this only works half the time, but you can actually control what time it is in Genshin Impact. Just spend a few seconds adjusting the time to nighttime, and enjoy your great movement speed boost while exploring. 

Razor – Razor might be underrated, but he’s actually amazing for exploring Inazuma. He has the same talent as Kaeya’s, decreasing sprint stamina consumption for your whole team. Since solving puzzles and gathering Sakura Blooms require an Electro character in Inazuma, bringing Razor in your party solves two problems at once. Razor is also a claymore character, which makes gathering Amethyst Lumps and other ore a lot easier. Now, that’s three problems solved!

C Tier

Kokomi – Quite the weird mix of characteristics led to Kokomi being at the bottom of our Genshin Impact Tier List, honestly. She has a talent that decreases swimming stamina consumption, which isn’t that useful at all. However, she also has an Elemental Burst that allows her to walk on water for a short duration, thereby removing the need to swim. It’s quite contradictory, and both abilities are only useful if somehow you don’t want to build ice bridges, and rather swim over rivers and oceans.

There are other characters not included in this list but are essential for certain exploration situations, like Amber and Traveler, but these characters are not universal and can be replaced with other characters that can do the same role. 

So, there you have it, our Genshin Impact Tier List for Exploration Characters. If you have some of these characters, don’t be afraid to try them, and see for yourself their amazing use for exploration!