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George Gervin states his opinion on the NBA today

The Iceman,George Gervin, was included in the list of the 50 greatest players in NBA History when the league conducted it on their 50th anniversary. He was a spectacular scorer and could do it all on the court for the Spurs.

Gervin averaged a little over 25 points per game for his career and was an incredibly efficient scorer, shooting roughly 50% from the field for the majority of his career.

Today, George Gervin went on Sirius XM NBA Radio to discuss the NBA today and had some harsh words for the players today:

Gervin is not necessarily wrong. The NBA has changed since his playing days and much more shots are taken in each game in this era than were in Gervin’s. Still, that isn’t the players’ faults who play today.

As the game changes, each NBA player must change their game in the same way. That’s why you see more players taking three-point shots in this era. Sure, George Gervin would’ve probably dominated the game today, but he shouldn’t simply rip the game for having changed since his time.

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