The New York Giants are looking to finish their season strong by knocking off the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 18. However, the Giants have already had a change at quarterback before the end of the first quarter.

Tommy DeVito has replaced Tyrod Taylor, who suffered a thumb injury. Taylor is questionable to return, the team announced. After entering the game, DeVito suffered an injury of his own and is being attended to by trainers. Emergency quarterback Jacob Eason is warming up, via Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network.

But as soon as DeVito got hurt, Taylor was seen warming back up on the sidelines, via Garafolo. It has been a hectic first quarter for New York, who are hoping to have both Taylor and DeVito available for the rest of the season.

But when it comes to quarterback, one quarter can't truly define the problems New York has had at quarterback. With Daniel Jones going down, the team turned to DeVito. While he shined at times, the rookie ended up holding just a 3-3 record under center.

Taylor has gotten four starts of his own this season, going just 1-3. While he is a trusted veteran, Taylor isn't who the Giants were hoping to have at quarterback to start the season.

Whoever it is, someone will have to play quarterback for New York for the remainder of their matchup against the Eagles. Either Tommy DeVito or Tyrod Taylor, both are just holding Daniel Jones' place under center. But a strong performance against the Eagles could show the Giants why they deserve to remain on the roster.

That is of course if either is healthy enough to play.