As history shows us, winning is not a cure-all for internal turmoil, but losing can force any alleged tension right up to the surface. The result is a bad optics tsunami, especially for a team in a major market like the New York Giants.

Back-to-back victories over the Washington Commanders and New England Patriots have done little to improve the perception surrounding this team. A 4-8 record, porous offensive line and highly-concerning quarterback situation has fans feeling quite queasy going into the final stretch of the season.

Many questions will need to be answered, including ones relating to the continued working relationship between head coach Brian Daboll and defensive coordinator Wink Martindale. Daboll denied Jay Glazer's report, which claimed that the two individuals were on shaky grounds and likely to part ways before next season. Now, the veteran DC is speaking on the topic.

“He said his relationship is ‘fine' and the ‘same as last year,'” Dan Duggan of The Athletic posted on X after Martindale spoke to the media. “{General manager} Joe Schoen made the same reference to the relationship not changing from last year. I think that's because there's always been an element of friction, but they've been able to work through it. As Martindale said, these types of reports happen when you're 4-8 instead of 8-4.”

Giants' Brian Daboll, Wink Martindale must be seen as competent


Although a portion of Duggan's post includes his opinion, at least some fans will probably agree with the assessment. Martindale could have gone full Mr. Positivity and really hyped up Daboll. Instead, he took a more reserved and professional approach. Thus, the narrative will maintain momentum. Fair or not.

While there are no more competitive stakes for the Giants this season, the franchise still has plenty left to lose. If it is seen as a circus, no one on the coaching staff might be able to survive.

Though, if Brian Daboll, Wink Martindale and the rest of this team can win back some trust from fans, then maybe both coaches will be around well into 2024. At this point, that is the most important victory either of them can earn.