The San Francisco Giants' 2022 season has not gone according to plan. Off the heels of a 100-win season, the expectation for this team was to retain some competitiveness in a stacked division. Despite key players leaving the team, many expected the team to still be in the hunt for a Wild Card spot.

After the midway point of the season, it's become clear that this team is a shell of its former self. The Giants have failed to get any sort of consistency from their hitters and pitchers. The result is a sub-.500 record for the Giants heading into the MLB trade deadline.

Because of that, many insiders believe that the Giants are due for a fire sale during the MLB trade deadline. The most valuable players in terms of trade value, according to most experts, are ace Carlos Rodon and outfielder Joc Pederson. (via New York Post)

Rodon has blossomed into one of the best starters in the league this year. After an All-Star season in Chicago last year, the lefty continued his torrid start in San Francisco. Currently, he holds the best FIP (fielding-independent pitching) in the league: a testament to his raw skill on the pitcher's mound.

On the other hand, Pederson broke out as an All-Star for the Giants this year after helping the Atlanta Braves win the title. His consistent bat was one of the few things that kept the team afloat during this painfully mediocre regular season.

The two players will be the most sought-after players on the Giants if they do decide to blow it up and trade everything. With how things are going for the team, that seems to be the most likely option.