Wan'Dale Robinson is on his way back to the Daniel Jones-led New York Giants. But, this might not be enough to patch up the Saquon Barkley-shaped hole in their rotation against a stacked San Francisco 49ers team in NFL Week 3. But, a lot of uncertainty still surrounds the Barkley injury. He finally set the record straight with Taylor Rooks in his latest statement with TNT.

Saquon Barkley outlined how hungry he is to get back on the gridiron for the Giants, “His main message was that he will always do what he can to be out there with his team.” Moreover, one of the main concerns heading into the 49ers showdown is the status of his injury. He outlined what the situation really looks like, “But Saquon told me that his injury is indeed a high ankle sprain but said it’s not as severe as it could have been.”

Furthermore, Taylor Rooks outlined why Barkley could not play in their NFL Week 3 matchup, “He added that him not playing tonight is more of a pain tolerance issue. He did say the good news is their next game is on a Monday night, which gives him 11 more days to recover.”

Although, these statement come with a caveat, “He’s not making any guarantees, but he’s happy that it gives him more time to be the Saquon that the team needs and that he always aims to be.”

The Giants currently hold an even one loss and win record. But, Barkley's production cannot be understated. He notched 63 rushing yards on 17 carries with a touchdown to top it off. Fans can't wait to have him back.