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Grail Honus Wagner card’s mind-blowing $7.25 million price tag rewrites history

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Late last month, news broke out of a Topps 1952 Mickey Mickey rookie card encased in a mint SGC 9.5 slab going up for auction and projected to hit the $10 million mark. While the said item still has some time to make that forecast come true, there’s another grail that’s already claiming the title of the most expensive sports card in history. That’s a T206 Honus Wagner authenticated by SGC with a grade of 2 and sold via Goldin with a mind-melting $7.25 million price tag.

In a post on Twitter, Goldin announced that they have closed a private sale of the said Honus Wagner card to the tune of $7.25 million. This price tag beats the previous record held by another Honus Wagner SGC slab with a higher grade of 3, which sold in 2021 for $6.6 million. These two are counted among the less than 50 authenticated copies of this card, which makes the demand and value so high.

The sale of the Honus Wagner baseball card was facilitated by Ken Goldin himself. He said that the T206 Wagner, in the classification of a sports franchise, is considered as a value of a Picasso, Van Gogh, or a Da Vinci. In an interview by USA Today, Goldin added that it is a flag-bearer for the sports card industry and it can be seen as a status symbol for anybody who gets into the hobby and has the money.

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On the identity of the buyer, Goldin said that the individual who purchased the Honus Wagner card wishes to remain anonymous. He added that the seller of the said piece of memorabilia wishes to do the same as well.

Even though this is the case, the focus here is on the Honus Wagner baseball card and what its recent sale means for the hobby. With this kind of price tag, more eyes will certainly be on sports cards as this field of interest continues to grow and become a staple in our world today.