When the Green Bay Packers took the field against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it felt different. Call it the “Geezer Bowl,” call it the “Battle of the G.O.A.T.s,” but to most, the game was special because it quite possibly may serve as the final showdown between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers before one or both of the veteran quarterbacks ride off into the sunset to hawk avocado ice cream and high-shine all-natural pomade (probably).

Though the game wasn’t some all-time shootout between gunslingers looking to settle a decades-old score and didn’t even crack 40 points between the two teams, the outing served as a chess match between two tacticians who used their smarts, cunning, and spatial awareness (more on that soon) to impact the game in their team’s favor.

And in the end, the Packers got the W, which, for certified cheeseheads the world over, is all that really matters.

3 takeaways from the Green Bay Packers’ Week 3 win

3. A win is a win

Did the Packers destroy the Buccaneers in what may be the final game between Rodgers and Brady? No, after scoring two quick touchdowns, Green Bay’s offense maddeningly went to sleep save a fumble and an interception in the second and third quarters, respectively.

But hey, a win’s a win, right? The Packers were able to get the W with only 14 – which is hard to do in both football and poker – and Rodgers secured what could be the last laugh of a Hall of Fame-caliber feud. While the game could have been more exciting, nothing is more exciting than a win.

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2. The defense held up against Tom Brady

When any team can hold a Brady-led offense to just 12 points, they deserve some serious credit; Brady is still an elite quarterback, and he can carve up defenses with ease. But when the team in question also surrendered 23 points to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1 and had linebackers occasionally covering Justin Jefferson, the turnaround deserves a banner in the locker room and a billboard on the freeway.

Though the Packers’ defense didn’t exactly shut the Buccaneers down, as Brady still threw for 271 yards, they sacked the future Hall of Famer three times, broke up three more passes, and most crucially of all, shut things down in the endzone on the two-point conversion at the end of the game.

Rodgers said it best in his post-game media availability, “If our defense is holding them to 12 points, we’re probably going to win all those games.”

1. Aaron Rodgers saved the game with his Jumbotron knowledge

When asked about what went through his head when talking to Matt LeFleur before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ potential game-tying two-point conversation attempt at the end of the game, Rodgers let out a very interesting quote about the delay of game call.
“Well, should have on the first play too, there was a delay on both plays,” Rodger replied. “But sometimes you see things in the game, sometimes the jumbotron shows things it probably shouldn’t show even at home, (and) I just passed along that information.”
Oh snap, did Rodgers just save the win and prevent fans the world over from having to sit through overtime thanks to a gaff by the media department? If so, Rodgers owes that guy a thank you, as who knows what could have happened had Brady successfully put two more points on the board.