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Grizzlies’ Andre Iguodala defends LeBron James’ comments on Rockets GM Daryl Morey


Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is in hot water after making the comments that he did on Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. It proves that voicing opinions on a matter as sensitive as the Hong Kong protests can get anyone in trouble. However, there are people all over the league who agree with his sentiments. One of those individuals is Memphis Grizzlies forward Andre Iguodala.

The former Finals MVP also clearly tried to steer away from making any comments about the situation as any untoward comments will only add gas to the already-roaring fire. However, he agrees with the Lakers forward and sees nothing wrong with his stance on the matter.

Per Complex’s Joe Price:

“What I got from Lebron’s interview was they had to go over there and play. And then their safety, think about that. Daryl Morey’s free to say what he said, but sometimes you have to think about the safety of the players. He could have waited a week.”

He understood that the timing of the tweet was rather unfortunate. The Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets were in the country the Houston Rockets GM offended, and they were definitely scared for their own well-being as the Chinese were fiercely patriotic. The entire debacle the NBA is going through right now is proof of that.

The Grizzlies veteran is trying to point out that James wasn’t being overly critical of the defender as he is an advocate for social justice himself. All he was saying was that the timing was bad and it put plenty of people under stress.

However, there’s nothing the players can do about the situation now. They have no choice but to shut up about the issue and focus on playing the game they love instead.