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Chris Bosh reveals how Pat Riley dropped championship rings on table during free-agency meeting

Miami Heat Chris Bosh Pat Riley

For a while now, it has been known that Pat Riley recruited LeBron James to the Miami Heat in pretty confident fashion by dropping his championship rings on the table. Now we know that not only did he do the same to Chris Bosh, but we know exactly what happened:

Talk about a power move.

Chris Bosh was a dominant player for the Toronto Raptors, so pairing him up with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James was obviously going to be a perfect mix for the Miami Heat. Pat Riley pulled out all the stops to make it happen, including showing them what he had accomplished in his basketball life.

Riley said all he really needed to say before he ever actually spoke. He had a history of winning in the NBA, and he used that to convince two superstars they’d be able to join in on that winning by joining another superstar who had already won.

It’s really no wonder how Riley landed both LeBron James and Chris Bosh for the Miami. Riley’s power pitch resonated with the superstars, and the Big Three teamed up for four highly successful seasons, with four NBA Finals trips and two NBA titles the end result.

Riley will need to put his recruiting shoes on again in the near future if the Miami Heat are going to get back to glory.