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Report: Dion Waiters’ latest suspension partially due to Instagram pictures of him on a boat

Dion Waiters, Heat

Miami Heat wing Dion Waiters has yet to play during the 2019-20 NBA season due to a series of suspensions.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the latest suspension — which was levied against Waiters on Thursday night — stems from a social media post of Waiters on a boat after he previously informed team officials that he could not practice or play due to an illness:

The ongoing six-game suspension, which runs through Dec. 23, was – as fivereasonssports first reported – partly the byproduct of Waiters posting Instagram pictures of himself on a boat during a period last week when he told the team he was unable to practice or play because of an illness.

A source on Sunday confirmed to The Miami Herald that the boat incident was a factor in this latest suspension but not the only one.

Aside from the social media posts, Waiters was also suspended for passing out on the team plane after ingesting a gummy laden with THC. He has also committed multiple other team violations this season.

The Heat would probably love to trade Waivers, but there has been no interest in him. This is no surprise given his transgressions.

Miami is doing whatever it can to get rid of Waiters. However, it’s proving complicated.