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Heat veteran Markieff Morris’ 2020 NBA Finals confession

Markieff Morris, Heat, LeBron James, Duncan Robinson

The 2020 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers made its mark in the history of the league for more than a few reasons. The fact that it was held inside an unprecedented bubble is perhaps the biggest storyline among them all, but one of the most comical narratives has got to be Heat forward Duncan Robinson being labeled as a real-life Jimmy Neutron.

To be fair, Robinson does have some resemblance to the popular cartoon character. In a new episode of his podcast, the 27-year-old revealed a very interesting conversation he recently had with new teammate Markieff Morris, who himself happened to be part of the Lakers’ championship-winning side in 2020. Morris came clean to Robinson about the whole Jimmy Neutron thing:

“I want you both to know that I will continue to be humbled because now that we have Markieff Morris, my full-time name is Jimmy Neutron,” Robinson said (h/t Sam Leweck of Heat Nation). “Because I’ve actually recently found out that he was the linchpin behind the whole Jimmy Neutron thing. He was the one — he was pushing it all. He came up to me before a conditioning test, and he was like, ‘Hey, I just want you to know it wasn’t Dwight [Howard]. It was me the whole time. It was me the whole time.’”

Kudos to Morris for being completely honest about being the mastermind behind this hilarious issue. Robinson clearly holds no ill will against his new Heat teammate, and it looks like this even brought the pair closer to each other now that they’re playing on the same side.