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Nuggets’ Isaiah Thomas makes Twitter plea for Heat’s Dwyane Wade to rethink retirement

Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas, Nuggets, Heat

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is set to retire after this season; however, after he hit an incredible game-winning shot against the Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas sent him a plea to reconsider.

Wade took the spotlight Wednesday night when he frustrated Golden State with a last-second, desperate 3-pointer that went in. He was already blocked by Warriors big man Jordan Bell in his first attempt, but he was able to recover the ball and produce a moment of magic for the home fans in Miami.

The shot IT to take to Twitter and plead Wade to give him and the NBA one more year.

This plea is two-fold. The first part to it is that Isaiah Thomas is clearly admiring the game of Dwyane Wade. The skill, and luck, it took to sink that off-balance shot is simply masterful.

Wade has been providing moments like that throughout his 16 year career — one that has seen him make it to 13 All-Star games, 12 of those coming consecutively. He is also a three-time NBA champion and will eventually be inducted into Hall of Fame.

Part two of this plea is that Wade did Thomas and the Nuggets a favor by hitting that shot. Thanks to this loss by the Warriors, Denver is now half a game out of first place in the Western Conference. It certainly never hurts to have those incredible clutch moments help out your team.

Unfortunately for Thomas, and the basketball world, it will take a lot more than a Twitter plea to keep Wade around. In fact, one could say that it would take a bigger miracle than the one-legged three that lifted the Heat over the Warriors.