Jimmy Butler's former coach Jim Boylen recently revealed why Butler is such a special player, per SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“He takes accountability… when he fails,” Boylen said of Butler. “He does not make excuses for when he doesn't succeed and he allows the coach to coach him. I think that's, he wants a coach to coach him, to be hard on him, to push him. He respects that. It's almost if you don't do that… when you don't coach a guy, it hurts the team and the guy. He embraces tough conversations, he'll have them with you but he'll also take it. And he also doesn't run from the responsibility of being the best player.”

Jimmy Butler has played a pivotal role in leading the Heat in the NBA playoffs. Miami is currently just one game away from clinching an NBA Finals berth, however, the Boston Celtics have won two games in a row in their Eastern Conference Finals series.

With the Heat still leading 3-2 in the series though, Butler's leadership will be of the utmost importance. Boylen added further thoughts on Butler's strong leadership ability.

“And you see that sometimes in our league,” Boylen continued. “Guys want to play well when it's convenient, guys want to be the leader when it's convenient. Well, leadership's about doing things nobody else wants to do even when you don't have success. He's elite at that.”

Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals is scheduled for Saturday night at 8:30 PM EST as Jimmy Butler and Miami look to close out the series.