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Old man Andre Iguodala makes one funny request to Stephen Curry ahead of Heat-Warriors showdown

Heat, Warriors, Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala

Miami Heat veteran Andre Iguodala is a little worried taking on Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday at Chase Center.

In a Zoom press conference, Iguodala told reporters his wish not to fall victim to Curry’s antics, as the slightest dribble combination could make one of the league’s best defenders “end” his career with his “brittle” old body.

“Hopefully you don’t get caught up in a trick bag,” the Heat swingman said, per Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports. “He might end my career or something like that. I’m old, my body’s brittle. So hopefully he takes it easy on me if we get in a cross matchup — one dribble, pull-up. Not those hesi hesi hesi hesi hesis from halfcourt.”

One would think that since Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala were teammates for six seasons and won three NBA championships together, Curry would take it easy on Iggy’s knees. But the MVP favorite definitely does not have that on his mind.

If Curry gets a chance to do his thing on the Heat vet  and catch the lockdown defender slipping a little, let’s just say Max Kellerman will probably regret picking Iguodala to take a clutch shot with the game on the line.

Nevertheless, it will be fun watching these former teammates go head to head, as it will be Iguodala’s second time playing the Warriors after leaving the team in 2018. Hopefully, Iggy stretches before the Warriors-Heat game, as he most certainly does not want to face one of the best dribbler’s the NBA has witnessed without touching his toes.