Argenti is a playable character coming to Honkai Star Rail. Check out Argenti's leaked skills and abilities here.

Honkai Star Rail – Argenti Leaks

Edit: Argenti has been officially revealed! He will be playable on Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5.

Note that the information below does not come from an official source and may not represent Argenti exactly upon his release. The descriptions were also translated into English, which may cause the proper names of effects and abilities to differ from the eventual official version. Details below are subject to changes.

Another thing of note is that Argenti's sex is currently ambiguous, as the suffixes in-game are unclear. Datamined files suggest that Argenti is male.


Argenti's in-game model or his splash art has not yet surfaced, and when he was first leaked, his appearance was compared to that of Titania from Fire Emblem. The confusion regarding his sex may have stemmed from this. However, his signature Light Cone shows his knightly appearance and the Titania description was certainly not too far off.

Argenti is a 5-star Physical Character following the Path of Erudition. His skills reflect this, as his kit can hit all enemies.

Skill – Justice Always Prevails

Deals Physical DMG to all enemies based on Argenti's ATK.

Ultimate – Gift of Formless Beauty

Consumes energy to deal Physical DMG to all enemies based on Argenti's ATK. Can consume either 100% or 200% of the Energy Cap. If 200% of the Energy Cap is used, the Ultimate DMG increases and deals 6 additional attacks to enemies at random.

Talent – Neutral Grey

When hitting enemies with Normal Attacks, Skills, or Ultimate, restore 5 Energy and gain 1 stack of “Self-Cultivateion,” which increases Argenti's CRIT Rate by a certain percentage. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

Technique – Gaze of Beauty

Stuns enemies in a certain area for 8 seconds. Upon entering battle with the stunned enemy, restore 5 Energy to Argenti and deal Physical DMG to all enemies based on Argenti's ATK.



  • When the round begins, immediately receive ? stacks of Self-Cultivation.


  • When the battle begins, Argenti's speed increases by ?, which lasts for ? rounds.


  • If the enemy target's HP% is less than ?%, Argenti's attack deals more damage to said enemy target.

Light Cone

Increase CRIT DMG of wearer by ?%. When the wearer casts their ultimate, damage will be increased according to Max Energy. Every Energy point increases damage by ?%, up to ?.