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Hosts announced for all-digital E3 2021

E3 hosts have been announced

The much-awaited E3 2021 now has 3 hosts lined up for the all-digital event. Greg Miller, Jacki Jing, and Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez will all be sharing the screen as the emcees for the event.

The three hosts have all seen their fair share of the industry. Greg Miller is the founder of Kinda Funny and has experience in content creation regarding the video game industry. Jacki Jing, meanwhile, is an award-winning journalist, hosting different segments from Funimation, the Anime News Network, Nerdist, and IGN. Rounding up the crew would be Alex Mendez, a popular esports commentator who has covered events on games like Halo and Overwatch.

A different kind of E3

E3 2021 will be starting on the 12th of June. Audiences can expect the likes of Ubisoft, Xbox, and Nintendo to make a return. The schedule for the event has not yet been finalized but available details are available for viewing on the E3 website.

Due to the crowd restrictions in place in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has decided to have E3 2021 as a four-day broadcast. The four-day broadcast will see the loved annual event as a series of media showcases which most of the mainstays staying despite the changes. Of course, these changes will see a few favorites back out, with PlayStation and Electronic arts bowing out of this year’s event.

ESA hopes to have the E3 with us physically next year but until things quiet down company will be making use of this model. As such, some publishers and developers have chosen to host their own events during the period.