The new NBA 2K24 Player Market in MyTEAM replaces the Auction House to create a more balanced experience for players. The Player Market is the brand new way of searching and getting the exact players that you want. But how does the new Player Market work? Let's find out.

NBA 2K24 Player Market Explained – How Does It Affect MyTEAM?

What Is The NBA 2K24 Player Market

Simply, the NBA 2K24 Player Market is where you go to buy desired players to complete your collections, or just improve your team overall. However, unlike Auction House, you don't have to worry about trying to buy low and sell high. Additionally, you don't have to wait for peak times of the day to conduct your business.

The new NBA 2K24 Player Market allows you to get almost any player for a transparent price. Furthermore, the market offers A deal of the day, which sells a card (for both MTP and VC) for a discounted price. For example, A Ruby Andre Iguodala costs 52,500 MTP (or 37,500 VC), reduced from 70,000 MTP or (50,000 VC).

The main page of the Player Market shows the deal of the day, the new collections for the season, and collections rewards from each team. So, how do you get the players you want?

Player Market Search Feature

By pressing Triangle/Y,  You can search for a player with multiple filters. Outside of the option to literally type the player's name, you can search by card color, position, theme, team, division, conference, and a heck of a lot more. Overall, this makes the process looking for specific player cards much easier.

The Auction House did let you look for specific cards. However, the process wasn't always convenient. Sometimes, you couldn't find a specific version of a player, and you couldn't even just type and search for a name.

Overall, the biggest change between the Player Market and Auction House was that the Player Market simplifies everything into fixed prices. Generally, this makes it easier for new players to get who they want without getting gipped in the auction house. However, those who mastered the Auction House earned a boatload of MT for knowing how to work the system.

Both have their advantages, but we do like the structure of the Player Market better.

How To Get MTP

You can earn MTP in multiple ways:

  • Grading and selling cards – nets you a decent chunk of MTP (though it does cost some to submit a card for grading)
    • Check out our dedicated article on MyTEAM Card Grading to learn more about the process.
  • Challenges – offers MTP upon completion.
    • For Example, the “Basketball Fundamentals” Skill Challenge offers 5,000 MTP upon completion.
  • Single Player Modes Modes
    • Triple Threat and Domination offer MTP, albeit relatively small amounts for challenges that require time and effort
  • Online Modes
    • Salary Cap, Triple Threat Online (Plus Online Co-Op), and Unlimited all offer MTP for reaching certain milestones in each mode
  • Purchasing MTP
    • NBA 2K24 allows you to just outright buy MTP. However, we won't recommend this, as the prices seem very steep. For example, It costs $9.99 (USD) for 50,000 MTP, which means that Ruby Andre Iguodala is worth over ten bucks.

And that's everything you need to know about NBA 2K24's Player Market in MyTeam. We're looking forward to seeing what exciting new content Visual Concepts has planned for the market, and MyTEAM in general.

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