Arkansas has a new face of basketball, and you won't believe who it is. In a wildly surprising move, the Razorbacks announced that they have signed John Calipari. Yes, THAT John Calipari. The former Kentucky basketball head coach will now be leading Arkansas's basketball program. It's a wild development, a shocking one that should be change the landscape of college basketball.

So, what brought John Calipari across the SEC to join Arkansas basketball? Well, the reason might be closely tied to one Jerry Jones. The Dallas Cowboys owner is one of the many boosters for the Razorbacks' program. ESPN's Myron Medcalf speculates that Jones, as well as the many boosters of Arkansas, is a big reason for Calipari picking the team over the field.

“Football is Arkansas' first love, and it last won a basketball national title in 1994. It has an extremely passionate fan base, but nothing rivals Kentucky's Big Blue Nation. Calipari won't face the same pressures he endured in Lexington, but he will have access to power boosters (the Tyson Foods family, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the Walton family) who will supply enough NIL money to help him attract elite talent.”

The college basketball landscape is dictated mostly by your ability to recruit big names. After years of disappointing performances in Kentucky, John Calipari looks at a fresh start with Arksanas basketball. It's not like he's starting from scratch, either: Calipari is inheriting a program that's seen Final Four success in the past. This is truly going to be fascinating to watch.

Arkansas, Kentucky shaking up the SEC

How did we get here? Well, first, Eric Musselman, Arkansas basketball's former head coach, departed from the team earlier. Musselman was the coach for the Razorbacks' recent Final Four appearances. His teams struggled in the regular season, but he almost always brought his A-game for the actual tournament. Finding a replacement for him was never going to be easy.

And yet, here we are. Calipari, who himself was the architect of those dominant Kentucky teams of the past, is now joining Arkansas basketball. Calipari's name might've lost its luster in the last few years: the Wildcats haven't found a lot of success in the final years of his stint there. Still, he brings a ton of recruiting power and coaching ability to a team that needed to fill the void left by their old coach.

Arkansas will now look to capture the national title next season. Of course, fans are wondering how well this team will fare in the SEC and the national stage. Medcalf believes that the team has what it takes to win it all, given Calipari's recruitment power.

“In five seasons, Eric Musselman had a better postseason run (two Elite Eight appearances and a trip to the Sweet 16) than Calipari did at Kentucky over the same stretch. Calipari has always been a top recruiter; that won't change at Arkansas. He might not get four or five McDonald's All Americans every year the way he did at Kentucky, but Calipari will sign great talent — which he has done at every stop of his career.”